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The Panama Canal Authority & the Port Operators require that all payments for the Panama Canal Transit and/or port expenses are made in full prior to the commencement of any transaction taking place.

Financial Arrangements for Toll & Other Expenses

  • It is imperative that sufficient funds be transferred and in the Agency's possession prior to the arrival of a vessel.

  • Vessel arriving without sufficient financial coverage will be held at the anchorage until the financial requirements have been met.

  • Although pilotage for Canal transit is covered within the tolls, the ACP charges in certain instances such as pilotage outside the Atlantic breakwater, pilotage to anchorage in a designated area or movements within the harbours.

  • Pilotage for berthing is compulsory. 
    The complete canal tariff is available at

  • The financial deposit required is to cover all normal transit and port expenses, agency fees, general and related out of pocket expenses.

  • Should cash advances, repairs, stores, etc. be required then additional funds must also be remitted in a timely manner to cover these requirements.

  • Disbursement accounts covering a vessel's activities will be compiled and forwarded approximately six weeks after departure.

  • For a detailed proforma of Panama Canal Transit expenses kindly contact us at

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