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New measures to address the dwindling water resources.

The canal administration has announced reservation slots, spanning from November to February, with varying quotas for each month. These measures, outlined in Advisory to Shipping No. A-48-2023 , are a proactive attempt to maintain a competitive draft during this challenging period.

The reservation slots are all

ocated as follows:

November 3 to 7: 25 slots

November 8 to 30: 24 slots

December 1 to 31: 22 slots

January 1 to 31, 2024: 20 slots

As of February 1, 2024: 18 slots

These measures supplement existing initiatives aimed at conserving fresh water resources and ensuring the safety of transit operations. Notable efforts include the use of water reutilization basins in the Neopanamax Locks and cross-filling in the Panamax Locks.

In light of these challenges, the Panama Canal is urging its customers to make timely reservations to facilitate planned transits.


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